Fireplace Information

In this article, we talk about the cleaning, care and maintenance of natural stones in household fireplaces ( You will also learn some of the easy ways for cleaning and maintenance of your expensive fireplace stone tiles. Check out the following pointers

Care –

If you care for your tiles, they would keep blessing your fireplace for years and decades.( Here are a few tips for caring for fireplace stones –

  • Remove dust, ash, and debris from your fireplace box quite often (it will help avoid stains on tiles and dust in your indoors)
  • Use a vacuum cleaner for this exercise
  • Make sure that there is no fire or burning coal in the fireplace

Maintenance –

Maintaining fireplace stones increase the life of stone tiles and the beauty of fireplace. Just cleaning and care, the maintenance of tiles in hearths is simple ( In most cases, it will be a “do it yourself” job. However, if things are so messy and untidy, you should call up a service provider.

Follow these tips for easy maintenance of natural stone tiles in fireplace –

  • Remove everything from the fireplace
  • Deep clean the stone tiles as per the pointers above
  • You can use some other stone cleaner for removing carbon and other types stains
  • Let the stone tiles dry completely before moving to the next step
  • Now, apply sealant with the help of an applicator pad all over the tiles
  • If you have a spray based sealant, then use it as per the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Wait for duration recommended by the sealant manufacturer before using the fireplace again

Cleaning, care and maintenance of stone tiles become essential if the fireplace in your home has been designed to work as the center of design.

Hope the tips suggested in this article help you with cleaning, caring and maintaining the fireplace at your home. Got questions? Leave them into the comments section